Everyday Jewelry October 09 2017

Last week I had the chance to meet my new hairdresser, Bobbie. She’s got an incredibly passionate and sweet personality and runs a cute little salon in Centre City, Philadelphia. Among the assortment of topics we discussed that beautiful sunny morning was that of choosing the right type of everyday jewelry. She explains thoughtfully that she has a ‘wish-list’ of the perfect jewelry for casual wear as she browses through a myriad of fashion magazines. Stackable rings, flower necklaces, and diamond hoops have all caught her eye as she tries to flair-up her wardrobe and look as elegant as ever as she runs her small business. Coming across this situation has made me think about what makes the perfect everyday jewelry piece. Is it the simplicity? Is it the charm? Or is it something within a smaller budget? Read on and we’ll find out.

An important attribute for any type of casual and everyday jewelry is comfort. You do not want to be lugging around a ring that weighs a ton on your finger as you go about your day. Nor do you want something that doesn’t fit well with the type of job you do. For example, a bulky ring may become cumbersome if it gets in the way of your typing as you’re drafting a report for your next meeting. That’s just annoying! The petite eternity ring featured below fits this bill perfectly. The paved setting is consistent throughout the entirety of the ring and wraps comfortably around your finger for a snug fit. It adds the perfect amount of flair to any dress and occasion and the alternating colors of natural sapphires are sure to draw out many ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ from your friends and family. More details about this ring can be found by clicking the link here.
Blue sapphire eternity ring
Yellow sapphire eternity ring
Another important characteristic of everyday jewelry is of course its price. Yikes! I just wish pretty things are always free. I mean browsing through my newsfeed or reading an article on the Washington Post is incredibly difficult as I never fail to come across a teasing ad from a ring or a bracelet I clicked on earlier. I close my eyes, take a deep breath and steady my mind to move ahead without being distracted but then my pointer clicks on the link as if it has a mind of its own. Not my fault right? Staring at all its pretty angles, adorning its stunning charm and falling in love with its intricate designs is just the beginning of the emotional rollercoaster. Then the complex additions and subtractions to my bank account and how quickly I can replenish it with my next paycheck jumps in as I start to rub my eyebrows in and stress myself into a mental breakdown. But this doesn’t always have to be the case. See, many online retailers have extremely long supply chains to get their products from the mine to your hands. So the exorbitant prices you are often quoted pays for all of the suppliers, warehouses, administrative overheads and countless middlemen who really need not be there. At Elizabeth Jewellers, we’re revolutionizing the way you purchase your jewelry. No more expensive middlemen, no more inflated prices and no more unnecessary costs to help you get the jewelry you deserve.  Established and sourced in Sri Lanka, the natural sapphire capital of the world, we grant you the best natural gemstone jewelry at prices seen nowhere else. Our secret? Absolutely none, simply utilizing the power of the web to reach customers like you anywhere in the world directly from our base in Sri Lanka. That way we can offer some of Nature’s finest creations to adorn your jewelry even in if you are 7000 miles away. The pedant featured below highlights one our signature masterpieces. Beautifully handcrafted and competitively priced, this pendant is yet another classic piece to fit the needs of everyday jewelry. Offered with a Gemological Institute of America (“GIA”) certificate, our jewelry is by far the best deal for any budget. You can click the link here to learn more about the pendant shown below.
Blue sapphire pendant
As for Bobbie, her perfect everyday jewelry piece is featured below. It fits her personality in expressing her elegance and beauty, pairs comfortably with her hands-on job and is well within her desired budget. The 18K white gold was perfect for her hypoallergenic needs and the stunning blue natural sapphires always received praise and awe from her long list of customers. Not many times do we get to satisfy all of our needs for jewelry but at least, for Bobbie, she found her perfect pairing at Elizabeth Jewellers. Please follow the link here to see more details of Bobbie’s favorite ring.
Blue sapphire paved ring
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