Sapphires At Saint Devote May 29 2016

If by fortune, you have found yourself basking in the afternoon sun of the Monaco Grand Prix, you will of course be up for a great race weekend! Whether you’re in a high rise apartment through Sainte Devote or a custom ultra-luxurious Benetti yacht overlooking the Nouvelle Chicane, the roaring Formula 1 beasts are bound for an epic and close fight to the checkered flag. In between free practice, qualifying and partying, you will have plenty of opportunities to showcase your glitz and glamor among the rich and famous and what better way to entrance them than with your natural sapphires!

Monaco Grand Prix F1

Our recommendation is the masterpiece of our jewelry collection. It features an absolutely beautiful 18K white gold ring with four rows of lush blue sapphires. To be exact, this ring presents 88 Ceylon blue sapphires for a combined weight of 7.7 carats. The paved setting enables each of the sapphires to form a stunning halo around your finger that is guaranteed to glisten as magnificently as the Mediterranean Sea beside the street circuit of the Monaco Grand Prix. The real beauty of this ring is its consistency in color. Each of the 88 sapphires are hand selected, carefully sorted and precisely mounted by our master jewelers. Achieving this consistency and quality of craftsmanship takes as much passion, dedication and skill as the Formula 1 drivers and we are proud to deliver results each and every day!

You can order this simply elegant ring by visiting our online store here, and we’ll deliver it straight to your doorstep!

Blue Sapphire Ring Blue Sapphire Four Row Ringblue sapphire ring with 88 sapphires













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