Custom Engagement Rings May 19 2016

Sapphires come in an assortment of colors and shapes but personally, my favorite is the cornflower blue sapphire. Its deep blue ocean like shimmer gives my heart a little flutter every time I lay my eyes upon it. Natural blue sapphires have been adorned in jewelry for many centuries and have been a highlight among many relationships across the world. It was thus, a pleasure and an honor, to have been given the opportunity to custom design and artfully craft a unique and special engagement ring for a beautiful couple who were visiting Sri Lanka.

Our initial proposal featured a medium blue oval sapphire in an 18K white gold setting that brought out an intense and vivid hue for this special occasion.

blue sapphire ring

Our client, of course, needed something one-of-a-kind and hence, with the help of some soul-searching, we offered the following design. It featured a 0.75 carat dark blue Ceylon blue sapphire with 2 adjacent white sapphires to beautifully complement the main sapphire. Together, they were placed in an 18K white gold band that gave a stunning glamour to match their special engagement.

custom engagement ring

So, with a happy client and even gleeful couple, we were pleased to know that they absolutely loved our custom Ceylon sapphire engagement ring. Here’s a picture that they sent us of their beautiful ring.

client picture of engagement ring

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