Sapphires From Serendip May 15 2016

At Elizabeth Jewellers, we take great pride in sourcing all our natural sapphires from the beautiful island nation of Sri Lanka. Serendip, as it was known earlier in an ancient era, described it magnificently as an island of fortuitous coincidence. The origination of the word, Serendip, dates back to a Persian folk tale which follows the adventures of three princes who discover pleasant surprises and mystical treasures during their travels across the world.

Sri Lanka has enjoyed a reputation for possessing the world’s finest precious gemstones including some of the most exquisite sapphires known to man. These fine Ceylon sapphires feature brilliant colors, precise cuts and immaculate clarity that are destined to be adorned across the globe. So, if you, like the ancient Persian princes, do serendipitously discover us during your journey through the inter-webs, feel free to browse through our exclusive sapphire collections at

Featured below is one of our favorite sapphire eternity rings! Alternating yellow sapphires and diamonds are paved in a stunning 18K white gold setting that perfectly suit an outing where you just want to feel special and elegant. You can view a full 360-degree view of this ring here or you can hop it on to your cart directly from our product page here.  Feel free to contact us at any time and we’ll be glad to help you with your choice of sapphire!

sapphire eternity ring

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