Blue Sapphires: The Oval Design May 26 2016

The iconic Ceylon blue sapphire has been a favorite to be featured in precious gemstone rings for many generations. The vivid blue hue emanates a passionate shimmer across the eyes of men and women across the world as it embodies a character of love, wisdom and strength.  A recent client once discussed with us the incredible endeavor she endured with her husband during a period of financial and personal struggle.  Happily, they managed to overcome several obstacles in their beautiful life together and the love that brought them to each other glowed ever brighter. We could literally see the budding happiness in their eyes and smiles as they talked to each other and could not be more honored to buttress their strength in love and character with a lush blue sapphire ring.


What a challenge we had! We needed a design that perfectly reflects their story of love through times of good and bad. It had to be something that was simple, something with a burning strength and yet remained elegant and cool. Our journey began with the selection of natural sapphires straight from Ratnapura, the ‘City of Gems’ located in Sri Lanka. These gemstones are of the finest caliber known to man and it had to be in order to embody the relationship held by this brilliant couple.

sapphire ring

We chose a special oval cut for our blue sapphire and its size remained at a comfortable 1.5 carats. The 18K white gold band that held this oval blue sapphire featured two semi bezels. It was quietly indicative of their combined effort and strength to sustain a relationship pure of love, compassion and care for each other. The simplicity of the design paralleled a lean lifestyle yet its elegance exuberated a passion to strive forward and become poised for success. At Elizabeth Jewellers, we design our jewelry with the stories of our clients in mind and each one is as special as the other. Feel free to contact us at any time if you need a custom design and we’ll be delighted to help!

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