Of Kings and Angels April 27 2016

This well known solid cast seated Buddha from one of Sri Lanka's ancient temples portrays Dhyana Mudra, a hand gesture that promotes the energy of meditation, deep contemplation and unity with higher energy.

Buddhism was introduced to Sri Lanka in 236 BCE or 236 years before Jesus Christ through a mission sent by King Ashoka from India.

Sri Lanka was officially called "Ceylon" during 1948–1972 under British colonial rule.

Most of the beautiful and priceless jewelry and artifacts found in Sri Lanka belong to the golden era of 'Anuradhapura'. The Kingdom of 'Anuradhapura' in Sri Lanka was established in 380 BCE during the reign of King PandukabayaThereafter, 'Anuradhapura' served as the capital city of the country for nearly 1,400 years.  

royal throne Sri Lanka

The above picture depicts the arm of the solid gold royal throne of the last king of Sri Lanka. This unique and priceless throne was returned by the British and is now displayed in the National Museum of Colombo - Sri Lanka. 

This arm of throne is designed in a form of a standing lion with a gaping month. The lion's eye shown in the picture above is studded with a natural purple Amethyst gemstone.

bejeweled sword hilt  
This golden sword with a dragon shaped hilt studded with natural Ceylon gemstones displayed in the Colombo National Museum was worn by ancient kings in Sri Lanka during special occasions.  

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