About Us

"I received my four row Ceylon sapphire band today. Everything about it exceeded my expectations! Your customer service, cost, quality craftsmanship, sapphire color and clarity and shipping service were all far, far above what I was expecting. Thank you! I will come to you again the next time I am shopping for sapphires".
-Mrs. Laura Owen

"Team Elizabeth helped me custom design an engagement ring. It exceeded my expectations when I received the ring. They managed to rush out my ring when I placed my order at the last minute. Quality of ring, color of sapphire, craftsmanship were fabulous. Customer service team provided me with lots of useful details and information about choosing the best jewelry for my loved ones. Thank you so much and for sure I will come back again".
-Mr. Daniel Ng

Elizabeth Jewellers was established in 1995 in the gemstone capital of the world, Sri Lanka. Dedicated to deliver the world's finest gemstones at the fairest price, we ventured into the global marketplace. Elizabeth Jewellers has since enjoyed a reputation for creating exclusive gemstone jewelry to a very discerning clientele. Gemstone jewelry from Elizabeth Jewellers are renowned for their craftsmanship and style. The sapphire gemstones that adorn the gold jewelry masterpieces from Elizabeth Jewellers are of pure Ceylon origin and are of the highest quality.

Our Goal

We strive to make elegant and exquisite gemstone jewelry and add brilliance to every moment in your life. Whether it be an engagement, wedding, anniversary, graduation or simply a beautiful day, our gemstone jewelry promise to add that extra ‘umph’ to cheer you on your way.

Our Showroom

Our showroom is located in the heart of Colombo - the commercial capital of Sri Lanka. You can find us in between Deanston Place and Walukarama Road on the land side of Galle Road. We warmly welcome walk-in customers into our showroom to browse through our natural Ceylon sapphire jewelry collection. We offer a wide range of precious jewelry in 18 to 24 carat yellow and white gold, studded with Ceylon blue sapphires, yellow sapphires, pink sapphires, white sapphires and other varieties of Sri Lankan gemstones.

Our state of the art jewelry workshop and showroom are fully air conditioned with lush and spacious interiors to accommodate our valued clientele. The upper floors of our building are dedicated to our committed master craftsmen who work tirelessly to create our handmade jewelry. The lower floor is reserved for our customers to browse through our collection featuring elegant and delicate craftsmanship. Our highly trained customer service team will assist you in finding the perfect gemstone as you enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the Indian Ocean opposite our showroom. The unique architecture of our building features large glazed windows that enhance the distribution of natural light into our showroom, so that our customers can admire every angle of our precisely cut gemstones.

The brilliant faceted blue theme of our building was designed to catch the eye of our customers as does the sapphire when it lies in wait to be discovered by gem-panners in the river basins and foothills of Sri Lanka.

Our showroom remains open to our customers from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. from Monday to Friday. Nevertheless, you can still reach us and view our collection through our online store at your convenience.  


Our Workshop

Our workshop is situated on the first floor above our showroom at Elizabeth Jewellers’ main building in Colombo, Sri Lanka.  

  Trained lapidarists and skilled craftsmen form the core of the workforce at Elizabeth Jewellers.

We use state of the art machinery and techniques to make sure that every piece of jewelry that gets completed at our workshop is of highest quality. If desired, customers could even watch while our skilled workmen produce their fine creations.

What We Do In A Nutshell


We make and sell unique exquisite gemstones and gemstone jewelry


We take orders to make jewelry of customers’ design choice


Embellishments and adjustments are done to selected jewelry items on customer request

Our History

‘Elizabeth Jewellers’ and its sister companies ‘Jagath Gem Centre’ and ‘United Sapphires’ operate under one umbrella of management. Elizabeth Jewllers and Jagath Gem Centre is solely managed and operated under the proprietorship of Jagath Kaluarachchi. He partners with his brother Nihal Kaluarachchi to manage exports through United Sapphires (pvt.) Ltd. The three companies work together to source, produce and sell precious gemstones and gemstone jewelry to local and international markets.

Jagath Gem Centre

Jagath Gem Center is a legally established company in Sri Lanka. Jagath Gem Center was established in 1978 by Jagath Kaluarachchi, a well seasoned local/international gem merchant and businessman. Gemstones such as Ceylon Blue Sapphires, white sapphires, pink sapphires and yellow sapphires locally named ‘pushparaga’, sourced from mines of Sri Lanka in Rathnapura district (Sabaragamuwa province) and Kaluthara district (Western province), were traded in rough form primarily to local and Thai gem merchants. 

As a value addition, in 1986 a factory was established in Horana (a semi-commercial town in Kaluthara district of Sri Lanka) employing approximately 50-60 lapidaries to cut and polish gemstones.

United Sapphires (Pvt). Ltd.

United Sapphires pvt Ltd was established in the same year (1986) as the lapidary factory in order to expand our clientele from the local to the international market. Jagath Kaluarachchi partnered with his brother Nihal Kaluarachchi in forming United Sapphires to export cut and polished Sri Lankan gemstones/Ceylon gemstones.

United Sapphires pvt Ltd participates at the internationally acclaimed annually held ‘Tucsan Gem and Mineral Show’ in Texas, USA, to exhibit and market its high quality faceted cut and polished gemstones to the best and the brightest of the trade. Also, we are actively participating in various other gem exhibitions and fairs held in Japan and China in order to personally know our customers and their tastes.

Over the years, thousands of customers worldwide have come to trust in United Sapphires (Pvt). Ltd as a genuine gem merchant from Sri Lanka selling the highest quality gemstones.

Elizabeth Jewellers Online Store

Our newly built online store aims to make our gemstones and gemstone jewelry available at the fingertips of our worldwide customers, their families and friends. Our commitment to personal and detailed attention to all our customers is an integral component of our values and vision. Our online store is designed to cater specifically to you and our entire team is passionately working to deliver you nothing but the best!