The Padparadscha Sapphire January 16 2017

When it comes to gemstones, the padparadscha (pronounced as pad-pah-raj-ah) sapphire, provides the perfect combination of lustrous color and rich symbolism to craft a jewelry masterpiece. Primarily found in the lush green foothills and river basins of Sri Lanka, the padparadscha has reserved a special place in the hearts of many across the world for its rarity and breathtaking beauty. Its popularity has risen in the recent past as a centerpiece for engagement rings based on its distinctive hue and cultural symbolism.

The extreme rarity of padparadscha sapphires is one of its discerning qualities. As such, its cut is designed to preserve as much of the gemstone as possible. This gives rise to many unique shapes but the predominant cut for a natural padparadscha is either the oval or cushion cut. In terms of size, fine natural padparadscha sapphires above two carats are deemed to be very rare and anything above five carats is often considered a world-class piece. When choosing a padparadscha as the main gemstone for a ring, perfecting the ring setting and the choice of metal is crucial to highlight its natural beauty. Padparadschas are often very warm in color and hence choosing a diamond halo or a paved setting is highly recommended. With regard to the type of metal, a pinker padparadscha often suits a yellow gold metal and a more orange hued gemstone is best paired with rose gold. If found within this spectrum, a white gold metal helps to illuminate the gemstone once worn.

Natural Padparadscha

Exhibiting a delicate pinkish orange hue, the padparadscha, mimics the aura of a stunning sunset that blends its light across a canvas of clouds. The name, padparadscha, originates from the Sinhalese word for the lotus blossom, a water lily that also features this precious pink color. The story of this unique gemstone goes beyond the color it exudes: A lotus blossom grows from the bottom of a muddy and murky pool and emerges from the water every morning as a beautiful flower that is completely unstained. For the Buddhists of Sri Lanka it represents the divinity of enlightenment as well as the themes of purity, fertility and eternity. For us it represents a form of strength and boldness to ascend and face the challenges we experience in our daily lives and blossom in overcoming them. For many, the padparadscha comingles all of the qualities that serve to create a beautiful relationship and hence makes it ideal as an engagement piece.

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