Affordable Sapphire Jewelry June 05 2016

Jewelry prices are not always pretty to look at. Sure, you found a beautiful princess cut ring or a star studded earring that looks absolutely amazing but the price tag, agonizingly, makes you put it back. As you stare at its shimmering beauty, you wonder, why is this so expensive? Why tease me and shun me away with those exorbitant prices? Well, at Elizabeth Jewellers, we got a solution for you! No more tears, no more heart aches. If you find your favorite fashion statement, you can be sure to find the best price available for it at our online store!

Directly from source

How do we guarantee the best prices for our jewelry? Well, we’ve got a well-established and direct link to all our core resources, especially sapphires! Being located in Sri Lanka and having started up in Ratnapura, ‘The City of Gems’, we have a direct line of access to the infamous Ceylon Sapphire. The natural gems we source for all our jewelry are obtained from the locals of Ratnapura. Decades of close relationships and teamwork enable us to find the best sapphires with rich color, great weight and perfect clarity.

The power of the internet

Our online store enables us to reach our clients on a global scale with ease. Each point of engagement without a corresponding investment in inefficient brick and mortar stores helps us to save money! These savings are passed on to you and the end results are jewelry prices that are incredibly affordable. Our online design layouts and product listings are displayed in a simple and user friendly manner to enhance our customer experience so that you can shop comfortably and conveniently with your fingertips. Our store’s integration with PayPal and SSL certifications help secure our website for a safe and private shopping experience so that your information is kept safe and protected from intruders.

Directly to you

Another great feature of our online store is that it enables you, from anywhere in the world, to place an order for jewelry straight from the heartland of sapphires! No dealers, no third party retailers, basically, no middlemen at all. With this comes an elimination of price markups that arise through the progression of market intermediaries. With a reduction in unnecessary price increases, you get the best value for your money. With fully insured shipping guaranteed at every purchase, you can be sure to have your favorite jewelry be delivered straight to your doorstep at the finest quality of craftsmanship we have to offer.

The world is at your fingertips, so make the smart decision! No longer do you have to burden yourself with the unfair prices of main street retailers. To make matters easier, here’s a peek into one of our best sapphire rings. It features a beautiful oval blue sapphire in an intricate 18K white gold box prong setting. It has been a favorite among our clients for commemorating their engagements and their lifelong love for each other. And, yes its price is incredibly affordable for a natural precious gemstone. Don’t miss out!

18K white gold natural blue sapphire engagement ring available at Elizabeth Jewellers in Sri Lankablue sapphire box prong ringblue sapphire ring on rock

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