The Sapphire Traditions May 13 2016

With time, a bit of fortune and concerted effort, the special relationship you have with your best friend transforms into an eternal love that intertwine your hearts. You’ve decided to tread the paths of life together and commensurate this bond with an engagement.  A component of this long lived tradition is, of course, the beautiful sapphire ring that sparkles in the eye of your partner and beckons the love filled life awaiting you. How did this tradition begin? What brought out these intricate and sacred practices?  

Engagement rings were first used by in the Medieval Era by the Romans to embody the honorable intentions of the eager groom. In 1215, Pope Innocent III, mandated a waiting period from engagement to marriage to create the tradition we know today. It was said that sapphire engagement rings were used at the time as a test to identify the purity and honesty of each partner. The sapphire would change color if a case of infidelity were to be uncovered during this ‘engagement’ period but since natural sapphires rarely change color permanently, many blessed couples were wed in a blissful state. This link between sapphires and loyalty was buttressed by an 18th century novel, ‘Le Sapphire Merviellence’ written by Mme de Jenlis. His inspiration was derived from the color changing sapphire and it helped support a long lived tradition for sapphire engagement rings from couples across the world.

sapphire dearest ringIn the early 19th century, the Victorians created another intricate and beautiful tradition held today among many engagements. They used brilliant yellow and rose gold engagement rings to house an assortment of precious gemstones that spelled ‘love’ (Lapis Lazuli, Opal, Vermarine & Emerald), ‘dearest’ (Diamond, Emerald, Amethyst, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire & Topaz) or even the name of their beloved partner. These traditions marked distinct ways in which the lovers of past used to express their compassion and affection. The romance of the past still exists today and continue to be used in celebrating the love we have for our partners.

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