Why Should I Choose A Sapphire? May 15 2016

Sapphires have become the top choice of colored gemstones for modern brides. Whether it be a proposal in the sandy shores of the Maldives or a wedding in Westminster Abbey, contemporary couples are now opting for deep blue, lush yellow and even poignant pink sapphires for their choice of ring. They offer an opportunity to express a love that is distinct and personal. So, here are a couple of reasons why sapphires are now reigning supreme in the landscape of love.

Sapphires Are A Unique Expression

Sapphires are as distinct from each other as is the compassion, care and charisma of your significant other. Differences in shade enable each sapphire to present a one-of-a-kind appearance despite being the same color. As a result, you will be ensured a truly unique ring that embodies the one-of-a-kind love you share with your partner. What’s more is that each sapphire can be cut to any shape you require and they can be uniquely proportioned to maximize the brilliance and visual ‘oomph’.

eternity sapphire ring

Yes, Sapphires Are Rarer & More Affordable Than Diamonds!

Unfortunately, the exorbitant prices of most diamonds is not attributed to an apparent rarity. Instead, it relies on the market manipulation of monopolies such as De Beers and aggressive marketing campaigns like ‘A Diamonds Is Forever’. Sapphires are much more geographically dispersed and are often found in incredibly thin supply. This makes it very difficult for the formation of market monopolies and enables small traders to reach equilibrium prices at a level far lower than diamonds. Fortunately, this bonds rarity and affordability together to create a true gem for couples across the world that meet their budget and expectations!

Sapphires Are Sustainable

Communities involved in mining for sapphires are often small and localized. Policies set in place by governments, especially in Sri Lanka, enable equitable wealth distribution among these small holders and retailers. Furthermore, automated mechanical processes are often banned to limit environmental damage and strict regulations are imposed on licenses to operate so that the level of mining does not harm the local environment nor the livelihoods of the people. Centuries of enhanced policy making has made this industry incredibly equitable and sustainable for the stakeholders involved from the landowners to the retail end jewelers. As a result, sapphires are becoming the increasingly ethical choice for clients from around the world.

Sapphires Are Becoming Increasingly Valuable

The demand for sapphires has seen a rapid upsurge as more eyes turn to the choice of sapphires made by celebrities and consumers learn about the value of natural sapphire gemstones. The auction prices for many flawless sapphires is a great indicator for this trend. The Star of Adam, for example, is likely to reach over $300 million as is many other brilliant natural sapphires from Sri Lanka.

white sapphire ring

At Elizabeth Jewellers, we want you to be yourself. It is your unique expressions of love, care and compassion that make this world a better place. Go out and make a difference and leave us the honor of making you a unique sapphire ring destined to suit your strength and beauty. Feel free to contact us directly at elizabethjewellers@gmail.com and let us know what you think about sapphires and how we can serve you better.

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