Diamonds Got You Down? May 07 2016

You’ve browsed through countless websites, Pinterest highlights and Instagram features to finally find that perfect ring; featured in 18K white gold, sourced sustainably and beautifully presented in a halo array of diamonds.  As you bask in its glimmer around your finger, you’re interrupted by the rude reality of how much it will set you back. Heart-broken, angered and disappointed, you cast it away and carry on in another endless journey through coveted collections with no real hope of what you will come across. The journey, the hunt, the longing, the whatever-you-call-it for jewelry, especially ones that feature diamonds, can be arduous at best. Fortunately, today and many generations before, a stunning and seductively alluring alternative awaits: white sapphires.

white sapphire ring
white sapphire rings












Despite the literary delineation, white sapphires are not white. They are in fact, natural, rare and precious gemstones which are as glimmering and transparent as their popular peer: the diamond. The absence of natural trace elements which grant color to many other sapphires such as the iron in deep blue sapphires and chromium in pink padparadschas is what creates the stunning transparency of white sapphires.

Once they are hand-picked for their natural elegance and faceted to a uniquely brilliant cut, these white sapphires will quickly captivate anyone who is privileged to see its shimmering shine. Often referred to as Nature’s blank canvas, these white sapphires set the scene to embody the love and friendship they are chosen to represent with the added perk of not straining well-earned wallets and purses. Its versatility as a natural gemstone puts it as the best alternative to many jewelry pieces chosen with diamonds as it always presents a strikingly similar clarity and glimmer at a fraction of the cost.

At Elizabeth Jewellers, the choice is entirely yours! All our jewelry can be customized to feature either diamonds or natural white sapphires so that you can wear your favorite ring, pedant or bracelet at a price that can fit your budget. We are always happy to guide you through this beautiful journey so feel free to contact us at any time.

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