Sunny Summers & Sapphires May 22 2016

Ah, it’s that time of the year again! A little excitement and energy never fails to come round when the paltry warmth of spring grows to a full-on summer heat. Whether you’re gearing up your floppy hat for a fun beach day or a floral halter dress for a relaxing picnic with your best friends, a piece of sapphire jewelry can always add a touch of elegance and radiance to fit the occasion.

Decided on a tropical getaway this summer? Perhaps the island of Sri Lanka? Oh, how exotic! Let me first congratulate you on choosing one of the world’s best vacation spots. The sublime shores of Arugam Bay, the exquisite seafood in Galle and the stunning coral reefs of Trincomalee are indeed some of the best places to experience. Countless novice and seasoned globe trotters have commended the rich culture, history and hospitality of the Sri Lankans but don’t take my word for it, see for yourself!

sri lanka beaches
sri lankan sea food


Sure, Sri Lanka is a great place to go visit but whatever do I wear for a day of beaches, sun and sand? My first recommendation would be a beautiful alternating yellow sapphire and diamond eternity ring featured below. Paved in 18K white gold, each sapphire and diamond is hand selected and matched individually by our very own master craftsmen to each ring so that the color and brilliance remains consistent throughout. Its radiance matches perfectly with bright rays of sunlight that will bathe you as you lay on the lounge chairs sipping on your cool and refreshing king coconut!

yellow sapphire eternity ring
yellow sapphire and diamond eternity ring

Maybe an island holiday might not be what you have in mind for this year. Instead, a peaceful, closer-to-home picnic sounds more pleasing to your ear. Home-made goodies, crunchy cookies, fluffy cakes and a flavorful cuppa is an absolute delight! And, we’ve got another stunning sapphire ring to match! Featured below, is one of our favorite sapphire rings. This princess white sapphire presents a wide table that enables maximum light penetration so that its glimmer never fails to amaze. This natural precious gemstone is mounted on an 18K white gold bezel setting and can be easily customized upon request. It’s simple, it’s elegant and it’s everything I could ask for!

white sapphire ring
white sapphire princess ring

Whatever the occasion maybe, you can be sure that we’ve got a sapphire to match it! The pictures of jewelry above are linked straight to our product pages, so you can easily shop anything you find attractive. Summer is coming, so be sure to have a sapphire out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

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