Jewelry You Can Wear All Day! June 21 2016

When it comes to jewelry, one aspect is often overlooked. You’ve considered the price, the hue, the elegance and everything that comes to mind but its everyday practicality is often shadowed by the high of emotions you experience during your purchase. How will this ring feel on my hand under the heat of the summer sun? Will this bracelet become a heavy weight as the day progresses? Are these earrings made of material sensitive to my skin? These questions are often vital to ensure your desired jewelry ‘feel’ as elegant as they look.

At Elizabeth Jewellers, we pay close attention to the material we select for all our jewelry. Our white gold collections are delicately alloyed with a ‘Noble Metal’ known as Palladium. This highly inert element is revered for its hypoallergenic character and it pushes the envelope in avoiding allergic skin reactions as opposed to traditional alloys consisting of nickel or zinc. This wonder metal is also much lighter and tougher than traditional alloys and allows our jewelry to remain light and lustrous today and every day. Ensuring that the we’ve made the right choice of materials for our jewelry is paramount to ensuring client satisfaction, so we dedicate a large portion of our time and efforts in understanding the needs of our clients.

Our featured ring in this blog, is yet another beautiful natural sapphire ring. As expected, its band consists of 18K white gold that is light, hypoallergenic and lustrous so that it can be worn all day to complement your style and smile. Its unique prong setting highlights a lush yellow sapphire from the heart of Sri Lanka that emanates a vivid color both in and out of the sun. At Elizabeth Jewellers, we pride ourselves in making high quality, genuine jewelry. Each purchase is accompanied by a Jewelers Certificate that authenticates the nature of the precious gemstone and upon request, it can be independently verified by an institution of your choice, including the Gemological Institute of America (GIA).

yellow sapphire ringyellow sapphire unique prong setting ring

Our team is passionately following client preferences and understanding what it takes to be a better jeweler. We are always learning so that we can provide nothing but the best for our clients. If you have any questions at all, please feel free to contact us at directly at

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