Sapphire: A Creation Story July 16 2015

The creation of the exotic and pristine beauty exuded by natural sapphires is a story with a violent past. Riddled by nature’s turbulent forces, the formation of the mineral crystal, corundum, is a paradoxical feature of our planet’s remarkable history. As we marvel at its sparkling hue ranging from the deepest blues to the softest yellows, we are granted a glimpse into the birth of a gemstone that required over billions of years to take form.

The ancient origin of sapphires is deep beneath the earth’s upper mantle, approximately 400km, beneath our feet.

Within the deep chasms of the earth, circulating flows of hot magma, reaching over 1000 degrees Celsius, exert an unfathomable amount of pressure and heat across a plethora of rich minerals and elements. Unique instances where the building blocks of our most valued gemstones, Aluminum and Oxygen, fuse together give rise to the crystalline structure of corundum.

Millennia of intense collisions, clumping and combinations enabled segments of this corundum to achieve an enhanced structural state of hardness and density as it rose to the surface via volcanic magma. Upon reaching the surface of our planet, it metamorphosed under the cooler conditions to a translucent rough that stood under the powerful erosion of Mother Nature. Centuries of harsh winds, blistering sun and heavy flooding tore off these crystals and carried them downhill on to the foots of mountains and river beds as alluvial deposits.

As these hidden sapphires lie in wait for the discerning eye, its natural beauty and violent history clash, to reveal its journey of a thousand years.

At Elizabeth Jewellers, we hold ourselves responsible for telling their story and granting them the awe and respect they deserve. Our mission remains unwavered as we tread through the globe to add brilliance to your life.


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