'Sapphire jewelry' is the new trend : Sapphires are forever November 14 2014

Did some digging into latest trends in fine jewelry.

Diamond may not be every girl’s best friend after all.

Popular jewelry designers from California, New York, London, France, Italy and Switzerland like Harry Winston, Efva Attling Stockholm, Piaget, Van Cleef & Arpels, Graff and Bulgari are embracing colored sapphire and gemstone jewelry as their masterpiece collections.

In today’s innovative world, everyone’s looking for something unique, specialized and customized to fit their own story. More and more couples are looking for something that symbolizes their love and affection in a personalized manner than going for the plain old standard.

In fact, celebrities like Kate Middleton have made the non-diamond engagement ring more socially acceptable, with her Ceylon blue sapphire engagement ring.

Come to think of it, what’s so grand about a plain white solitaire diamond engagement ring? Some may say that it’s just the tradition. Then how about the people who started the tradition. Would it have been tradition for them?  Hell, why can’t we start our own tradition?

According to Amanda Gizzi working at an esteemed jeweler in America, older women are leading the colorful gemstone engagement jewelry trend. “They know more of who they are and want something that does not fit the norm. They are looking for something unique….something that their girlfriends don’t have”.

“We want to be seen working and we want to look good doing it.”

 In today’s sophisticated world, it takes serious effort to be elegant and simple at the same time, or should I say, ‘elegantly simple’. With busy work and home schedules all of us are looking for elegant yet practical jewelry that are more comfortable and fit better into our active lifestyle; In essence, jewelry such as rings without elevated gemstone mounts, earrings that are not so bulky or pendants that are not so heavy that it doesn’t feel like we have a brick tied to our necks all day.

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