Colorful Engagement Rings October 02 2014

In case you didn’t hear… Color is in!

Colorful gemstone rings have become ‘THE’ trend. Celebrities from around the world are adding more color to their engagement rings and wedding rings; Kate Middleton, Halle Berry, Jessica Biel to name a few.

What best way is there to make your engagement ring stand out in a crowd than to have a simple and elegant brilliant royal blue sapphire accenting your ring finger?! Or how about a brilliant canary yellow sapphire studded yellow gold wedding ring?

Ceylon yellow sapphiresYou can personalize your engagement ring or wedding ring by adding your birthstone, your favorite color or incorporating a heirloom. Bedazzling your sapphire center piece by adding a diamond studded halo is another good option. Price aside, adding a matching pair of earrings simply completes the picture.

Did you know that a deep blue sapphire conveys life-long loyalty, trust and understanding? It is also said that gifting a stand-alone yellow sapphire symbolizes sincerity, happiness and good-will. 

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Natural sapphire engagement rings are one of a kind. There is only one of its kind in the entire world for eternity. No one can remake it or replace it. Doesn’t that remind you of someone? 

In regions where gemstones are found it is believed that colorful gemstone have mystical powers.

Various colored gemstones worn on a daily basis at a certain angle allowing light to pass through to the skin is assumed to heal, bring wealth, prosperity, true friendship and honest companionship to the wearer.


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