Sri Lanka and its natural wonders September 23 2014

Our unique and elegant gemstone jewelry collections at Elizabeth Jewellers are inspired by mother nature and her exquisite creations. Each of our sapphires jewelry pieces are influenced by our surrounding Sri Lankan natural wonders. Visit our store at for jewlery studded with natural Ceylon Sapphires and gemstones.
Sri Lanka is known by many names such as Ceylon, Wonder of Asia, Taprobane, Land of Gems, Serendib and Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Sri Lanka is renowned for its natural beauty and natural wonders that mother nature has bestowed upon it. The world's highest concentration of gemstones to land mass is in Sri Lanka and this country yields the highest quality natural gemstones to the international market today. Along with natural precious minerals Sri Lanka has many more natural wonders to offer to the world. Its rain forests are full of rare medicinal herbs, beautiful spotted leopards, deer, antelope, elephants and many other varieties of endangered species.

A waterfall in the tropical rainforest in Sri Lanka A family of spotted deer in Yala National Park in Sri Lanka
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