40.85 Carat 6-Ray Blue Star Sapphire from Ceylon


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Product Description

Hot out of the mine and just grinded! This breath-taking 40.85 carat star sapphire from Ceylon has a six-ray star with a strong star strength. Star sapphires are a rare breed of gemstones. The three lines that cross in the six-rayed star are believed to represent faith, hope and destiny. Personally for us here in Sri Lanka, star sapphires remind us of the creamy blue ocean surrounding us. These gemstones require an assortment of variables to align at the right moment to reveal its astounding beauty. So if you do get your hands on one, you’ll be sure to make a statement of natural beauty as a result of perfect imperfections.

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All photos of this star sapphire except the last is taken in direct or indirect sunlight. Last picture is taken in the night with the light source pointed directly at the star sapphire. In both day and night, the rays of this sapphire appears only in direct lighting. Photos and video shown here are of the actual item for sale. No enhancements or touch-ups are done to photos or video. 

Sapphire Gemstone Details
Stock Number KDJC4085
Origin Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Carat Weight 40.85 Carats
Dimensions 20.5mm (L) x 15.5mm (W) x 12.5mm (H)
Pieces 1
Color                          Grayish Blue
Cut Cabochon
No. of Rays 6
Mineral Class Natural Corundum
Transparency Opaque
Enhancement None
Gem Certificate Will be displayed soon

When it comes to buying a precious gemstone, we understand that trust plays a great role. That is why we think it is important that you understand who we are and where we come from. In our 'About Us' page we have made an attempt to do just that.

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