14.28 Carat Natural Cobalt Blue Spinel


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Product Description

This beautiful natural cobalt blue spinel from Sri Lanka (Ceylon) is absolutely perfect in every single way. It's greenish violet blue color is mesmerizing and is one of the most rarest colors that occurs in a natural gemstone.  This exceptional cobalt blue spinel reminds us of a famous quote : "She saw the beauty in his darkness" . 

Spinel is a gemstone found in greater abundance in Sri Lanka than either corundum or chrysoberyl. Well-formed spinel crystals are in high demand amongst collectors and they are highly sought after by gem connoisseurs. 

Photos and video shown here are of the actual item for sale. No enhancements or touch-ups are done to photos or video.

Sapphire Gemstone Details
Stock Number KDJ4138
Origin Ceylon (Sri Lanka)
Carat Weight 14.28 Carats
Dimensions 16.14mm x 12.74mm x 9.7mm
Pieces 1
Color                          Greenish Voilet Blue (Cobalt-Blue)
Shape Oval
Mineral Class Natural Corundum
Clarity VVS1 (Eye-Clean)
Enhancement No Enhancements, Unheated
Gem Certificate Displayed

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